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You can use a virtual number as a telephone number

A virtual phone number works just like a real, regular number. Your UK virtual number will provide the same experience as calling a regular telephone number. Your virtual phone number is the same number as a real one. The virtual number doesn’t have to be connected to any SIM-cards or physical phones. there are helpful service website the call centre the services Prepaid Mall and Lets Dial. There’s four types of virtual telephone numbers available in the United Kingdom.

Numbers These number are usually associated with a particular city such as (20) in London or (161) in Manchester. There are many areas numbers in the United Kingdom. These numbers do not relate to any particular city. They start at (33) or (844). Mobile numbers These numbers are standard mobile numbers and can be connected with a SIMcard. However, they are not meant to be used in combination with SIM cards. Toll Free Number These numbers can be called for free as long they are located within the United Kingdom.Any calls received by the phone number

Can I buy a UK phone number?

Anyone can buy a UK phone number. You have the option to make and receive calls from the UK using the free iOS and Android apps. The number you provide will be displayed on the screen of anyone calling you. The Office of Communications oversees the management of telephone numbers throughout the United Kingdom. Ofcom developed the National Telephone Numbering Plan, a system that allocates telephone numbers to subscribers.

These numbers can have variable lengths. You may be able to reach local numbers via landlines. Numbers may also be identified by a suffix 0 that is used to indicate a service or geographical area. Ofcom has approved this list. There are many area codes in the United Kingdom. You can find area codes throughout the UK. London uses (020), the code 507 area code, and the 562 area code which is most frequently used by the largest population. The UK numbering plan can also be applied in three British Crown dependencies, Guernsey Jersey Island or the Isle of Man.

Answer all phone calls

Answering calls from UK is simple. All calls can easily be transferred to your regular mobile or landline phone. You can see the number called by a forwarding phone call. Your settings may allow you to see the virtual number. International Call Forwarding costs the same as an regular local call. Call forwarded is possible with many features, such as voice reply answering or team member communication.

Make calls

With our free web apps, you can easily call your UK phone number from an Android or iOS device. Anyone calling you can see your Number. It is up to the caller to decide whether they want to see your Sonetel number or your regular mobile. Calls will be charged at the local call rates. SMS may also be used with a cell phone number. All inbound SMS sent to your email will be sent directly.Sending SMS is not possible. This function is not currently supported.This service cannot be used by banks or PayPal to verify identity. We have seen misuse in the past. This is why we actively discourage any such abuse.

Voice Response

To make sales, press one …”. You have two options to add voice recognition to your number: add a premium, or purchase a package. This will allow access to “Voice Apps span> You can create menus that you can send to callers, announcements or voicemail boxes. You can use text-to speak to make messages that can easily be heard by callers. Upload audio files to you cell phone to create new or edit existing audio files. Call recording might be possible if Premium has been purchased, or the Business Pack already added. Call record is only allowed in the country that the number is situated or where you live with the person being recorded.

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